Utility Bill Reduction Value Package IMPIANTO SENZA BATTERIE 220 CA 

10 kW GridTek Package
Performance:  800 - 2,000 Kilowatt-hours (kWh's) per month (depending on wind resource)

Recommended for:

Homes or businesses that use at least 1,000 kWh's per month

Property sizes of 1 acre or more

Wind Class 2 or higher

Note:  This system does not provide back-up power during utility power outages. It automatically shuts off to protect the safety of utility repair crews.

We recommend this package for most homeowners and small businesses.  The 10 kW Excel-S wind turbine with the GridTek power processor costs less than a BWC HomeSure system and provides the most favorable economics.  Excess energy is sold to the utility company or "stored" by utilities offering net metering.


  The GridTek Power Processor converts the wind power to utility power at 240 VAC (or 230 VAC, 50 Hz).  Its output connects directly to your circuit breaker panel.  The Guyed-Lattice tower is the least cost tower type and a 100 ft. tower is tall enough for most locations.  Shorter towers reduce performance and increase the payback time. 

  In addition to the equipment costs given below, a complete installation will typically include the following costs:  shipping, sales tax, permit costs, foundation and anchoring, wire run, turbine and tower erection, electrical hook-up, and inspection fees.  Your dealer or Bergey WindPower can assist you in budgeting these additional costs.  For budgeting purposes, these costs typically range from $2,500 (customer installed, no sales tax, etc) to $8,000 (Certified Dealer, sales tax, etc).  

    10 kW BWC Excel-S, with GridTek 10

    100 ft. Guyed-Lattice Tower Kit (XLG30)

     Tower Wiring Kit (XTWK30)

                        Total Cost:




Special Paint: 449

Corrosion Pkgs: 584

50 Hz:  No Charge

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