1 kW Remote.System Package
Performance:  60 - 150 AC Kilowatt-hours (kWh's) per month (depending on wind resource)

Recommended for:

Typical off-grid homes, schools, clinics, etc.

Locations where delivering or storing diesel fuel is a problem

Retrofit to existing diesel-only power system to provide up to 24-hour power availability

Wind Class 2 or higher

Note:  This system contains batteries and is typically used in conjunction with a back-up generator (gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel). These systems are modular and can be expanded easily. 


We recommend this package for homes, schools, clinics and other smaller off-grid applications.  For rural electrification in less-developed areas this system can typically power 3 - 8 homes.  These systems are also easily retrofitted to existing diesel-only systems in order to save fuel and provide up to 24-hour power.

  The BWC Remote.System stores excess energy in batteries for use during low wind periods. It can also charge the batteries from a back-up generator (requires SB option).  With a manually controlled back-up generator the Remote.System can provide up to 24-hour power.  

  The Tubular Tilt-up towers can be installed without concrete and they tilt-up after all the assembly work is done on the ground. The 30 ft. tower in this package is suitable for open areas only.  For sites with trees, taller towers are recommended.  These tower are available in heights up to 104 ft.

  The batteries are Trojan T-105's, a workhorse of the home power industry and an excellent value.  A total of four individual 6 volt batteries are connected in series  to provide 24 VDC nominal.  This battery bank will supply up to several days of power without wind energy input.  The 500 W Trace TS524 modified-sine-wave inverter provides 120 VAC, 60 Hz (or 230 V, 50 Hz at 400 W)  and is available with a stand-by (SB: battery-charging and transfer relay) option.  A back-up engine generator can be easily integrated, but it must be manually started and stopped. 

  In addition to the equipment costs given below, a complete installation will typically include the following costs:  shipping, sales tax, permit costs, foundation and anchoring (some soil types), wire run, turbine and tower erection, battery racks or vault, electrical hook-up, and inspection fees.  Some users also incorporate a back-up gas, propane, or diesel generator into the system for extended periods of low wind speed. Your dealer or Bergey WindPower can assist you in budgeting these additional costs.  For budgeting purposes, these costs typically range from $500 (customer installed, no sales tax, etc) to $1,500 (Certified Dealer, sales tax, etc).  

    1 kW XL.1 Turbine, with PowerCenter


                        Total Cost:



EURO 1850


50 Hz: No Charge

SB Inverter: $100

Larger Inverter

Additional Storage

Taller Towers

Other Towers

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