2 kW Home.Sure Package
Performance:  160 - 400 Kilowatt-hours (kWh's) per month (depending on wind resource), 12 hours to over a week of back-up power (depending on load and wind)

Recommended for:


Areas where power outages are a problem


Smaller essential loads


Property sizes of 1/2 acre or more


Locations covered by 35 ft. tower height limitations

Note:  This system contains batteries and can provide essential household power during power outages. 


  We recommend this package for homeowners and small businesses that want protection from extended power outages, but don't need a system as large as the 7.5 kW Home.Sure system. This capability requires the addition of batteries and a sophisticated inverter.

  The Home.Sure system keeps the batteries charged up and during an outage home power is supplied by both the batteries and the wind turbines.  In regular (non-outage) operation any excess energy, once the batteries are charged, is sold to the utility company or "stored" by utilities offering net metering.  

  This package uses short towers because of the prevalence of 35 ft. height restrictions in most residentially zoned locations.  For a small system like this the costs of obtaining a variance for taller towers might not be cost-justified.  The Tubular Tilt-up towers can be installed without concrete and they tilt-up after all the assembly work is done on the ground.

  The batteries are Trojan T-105's, a workhorse of the home power industry.  A total of eight individual batteries are connected in two parallel strings of four batteries in series (24 VDC nominal).  This battery bank will support essential loads (lights, radio, TV, refrigerator, freezer, water pump, and blowers) for 4 - 12 hours without wind energy input.  The Trace SW4024 sine-wave inverter provides 120 VAC (or 230 VAC, 50 Hz at 2.2 kW) and has enough surge capacity to start motors up to ~ 1 Hp. (Note: We have switched from the Trace PS 2524 2.5 kW inverter to the larger 4 kW Trace SW4024 inverter because Trace has dropped the grid-intertie feature on the PS2524).  A back-up engine generator can be easily added. 

  In addition to the equipment costs given below, a complete installation will typically include the following costs:  shipping, sales tax, permit costs, foundation and anchoring, wire run, turbine and tower erection, battery racks or vault, electrical hook-up, and inspection fees.  Some homeowners also incorporate a back-up gas, propane, or diesel generator into the system for maximum protection. Your dealer or Bergey WindPower can assist you in budgeting these additional costs.  For budgeting purposes, these costs typically range from $1,000 (customer installed, no sales tax, etc) to $4,000 (Certified Dealer, sales tax, etc).  

    2 x 1 kW BWC XL.1 Turbines

    2 x 30 ft Tubular Tilt-up Tower Kit

  DC Power Center

10.6 kWh, 2 String, Battery Bank (2 x B220-4)

4 kW Inverter System (SW4024)

                        Total Cost:






£ 20.900.000 + IVA


50 Hz: No Charge (3.3 kW)

Additional Storage

Larger Inverter

Taller Towers

Other Towers

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