Alize (10000)

are subjects to changes carried out by Johan Kuikman (01/97)
Type Fortis Alize
Manufacturer Fortis
Rated Power 10.000 Watt
Output 10m/s 6600 Watt
Rotor Diameter 7,0 m
Hub height 18 - 36m Mast:

Rotor with pitch control

Generator with drive train
Type Upwind rotor with fixed pitch ol Hub Rigid
Direction of rotation
Permanent magnet Sycom Machine
Nuber of blades
Grid feeding
1 x 230V or 3 x 400V by inverter
Lengt of blades

3,3 m

Break systems

Ecliptic safety system by inclined hinged vane 90 setting of tail short cirquit of generator
Swept area 38,5m Yaw control Passive Aligned by Tail vane
NLF 416
Various types of towers designed for different sites
Manufacturer PFT Weight tower head 540 kg
Blade material
Fiberglass-reinforced epoxy or polyester Retail price tower head
+ charge controller for
Rated speed variabel, 25 - 300 U min-1 120V battery bank
Rotor axis angel 10
Cone angle 0
Pitch control fixed pitch


Fortis ALIZE (10000 Watt) wind turbine, rotor diameter 7,0 m 25.700,-
output 10 kW at 12 m/sec. 120 V
for stand alone applications:
Voltage control for battery charging MP 85 A, 120 V 3.395,-
Inverter for stand-alone applications
typeOMS120V 10 kVA-230 VAC (sinewave) 5.930,-
Inverter for grid connection three phases 400/415VAC-50Hz on request
Inverter for grid connection single phase 230 VAC-50Hz,
3 x inverters Sun Profi SP 2500/450 parallel connection 7.545, -

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