Espada (800)

are subjects to changes carried out by Johan Kuikman (01/97)


Type Fortis 800
Manufacturer Fortis
Rated Power 800 Watt
Output 10m/s 480 Watt
Rotor Diameter 2,2 m
Hub height 12 - 18m Mast:

Rotor with pitch control

Generator with drive train
Type Upwind rotor with fixed pitch ol Hub Rigid
Direction of rotation
Permanent magnet Sycom Machine
Nuber of blades
Grid feeding
1 x 230V by inverter or 12/ 24VDC
Lengt of blades

1,10 m

Break systems

Ecliptic safety system by inclined hinged vane 90 setting of tail short cirquit of generator
Swept area 3,8m Yaw control Passive Aligned by Tail vane
Clark Y
Various types of towers designed for different sites
Manufacturer PFT Weight tower head 52 kg
Blade material
Fiberglass-reinforced  polyester
Retail price tower head
+ charge controller for
Rated speed variabel, 240 - 1000 U min-1 24V batteries
Rotor axis angel 10
Cone angle 0
Pitch control fixed pitch


output 600 Watt at 12 m/sec./ 12 or 24V 1.475,-
voltage control ARK 30 A, 24 V 465,-
voltage control ARK 60 A, 12 V 555,-

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