Remote Home Value Package

7.5 kW Remote.System Package
Performance:  500 - 1,500 Kilowatt-hours (kWh's) per month (depending on wind resource)

Recommended for:

Large remote homes or facilities, using at least 700 kWh per month

Locations where delivering or storing diesel fuel is a problem

Retrofit to existing diesel-only power system to provide 24-hour power availability

Wind Class 2 or higher

Note:  This system contains batteries and is typically used in conjunction with a back-up generator (gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel). These systems are modular and can be expanded easily. 

  We recommend this package for larger remote homes, facilities, or communities that need more than 500 kWh's of alternating current (AC) energy per month. These systems are often retrofitted to existing diesel-only systems in order to save fuel and provide 24-hour power.

  The BWC Remote.System stores excess energy in batteries for use during low wind periods. It can also charge the batteries from a back-up generator.  With a back-up generator the Remote.System can provide reliable 24-hour power with minimal attention from the operator.  The Guyed-Lattice tower is the least cost tower type and a 100 ft. tower is tall enough for most locations.  Shorter towers reduce performance. For locations where crane access is not possible, the towers are available in 10 ft sections (as an added cost option) which can be stacked using a winch and davit system.

  The batteries are Trojan T-105's, a workhorse of the home power industry and an excellent value.  A total of 40 individual batteries are connected in five parallel strings of eight batteries in series (48 VDC nominal).  This battery bank will typically support the load for 1-2 days days without wind energy input or back-up power.  The Trace SW5548 sine-wave inverter provides 120 VAC (or 230 VAC, 50 Hz at 4.5 kW) with enough capacity to start difficult motor loads.  A back-up engine generator can be easily added and can be controlled by the Trace inverter. 

  In addition to the equipment costs given below, a complete installation will typically include the following costs:  shipping, sales tax, permit costs, foundation and anchoring, wire run, turbine and tower erection, battery racks or vault, electrical hook-up, and inspection fees.  Your dealer or Bergey WindPower can assist you in budgeting these additional costs.  For budgeting purposes, these costs typically range from $4,000 (customer installed, no sales tax, etc) to $20,000 (Certified Dealer, sales tax, diesel generator, etc).  

    7.5 kW BWC Excel-R/48, with VCS-10

    100 ft. Guyed-Lattice Tower Kit (XLG30)

     Tower Wiring Kit (XTWK30)

DC Power Center Option, 7 circuit (XVPC-7)

53 kWh, 5 String, Battery Bank (5 x B220-8)

5.5 kW Inverter System (SW5548)

                        Total Cost:







43921 EURO


Special Paint: 444

Corrosion Pkgs: 555

E-Meter: 4770

50 Hz: No Charge

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