Hybrid Power


IGET wind turbines used in combination with a back-up diesel generator, and with optional photovoltaics (PV), provide a cost-effective and reliable alternative to conventional methods of electricity supply in remote areas.  For home and village power applications Bergey technology includes advanced system architectures featuring state-of-the-art sine-wave, bi-modal DC-AC power inverters.  For telecommunications and smaller village power applications, Bergey hybrid systems often incorporate photovoltaic subsystems to take advantage of the complimentary seasonal variations in wind and solar power.  Bergey hybrid power systems are available from 1 kW to over 150 kW.

Bergey hybrid power systems are designed around a DC bus, which forms the common connection point for all of the DC sources and loads.  A  DC Power Center, which includes protective fuses, controls, and monitoring, forms the heart of the system.  Wind turbines and PV arrays are connected to the DC Power Center through separate charge regulators.  One or more battery strings are also connected to the DC Power Center to provide the short-term (typically 0.5 - 2 days) energy storage.  The inverter system and any DC loads are also connected to the DC Power Center.  The back-up diesel is connected to the inverter, which can double as a battery charger during diesel operation.     

Village power systems usually incorporate one or more 7.5 kW BWC EXCEL wind turbines.  The turbines supply variable power to the DC bus, where it is converted to constant voltage, constant frequency AC power in the inverter, and used to supply the load.  Any excess wind turbine power is stored in the batteries until they become fully charged.  During short-term low wind periods this stored energy is available to supply the loads.  If the battery voltage falls below a pre-set limit the back-up diesel is started and operated until the batteries again reach full charge.  Battery charging from the diesel is provided by the bi-modal (DC-AC or AC-DC) inverter.  In larger systems the inverter can also synchronize with the diesel generator to share peak loads.  Diesel run time is kept to a minimum and the diesel is fully utilized when it is operated.

AC power outputs are available from 100 - 480 VAC, single or three phase, 50 0r 60 Hertz.  Bergey hybrid systems can be retrofitted to existing diesel-only systems to provide cost-effective 24-hour power that will improve the standard of living and create new opportunities for raising incomes.

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