Reduce Or Eliminate Your Electrical Bill

It's like owning your own electric utility company.

Now you can own a personal power generating station, save money and have power when the utility goes down.

Imagine cutting your electrical bill by as much as 90% and having the peace of mind of a full battery back up system for the critical loads in your house.

70 watt system 800 watt system


UE  offers a rebate program for up to 300% off the cost of your grid-tie wind electric system!
More information on incentives for renewable energy on a state-by-state basis can be found on-line from


Wind Generation Systems
70 watt system 800 watt system (Moderate to High Wind)
Air 403 Wind Generator Whisper H-40 Wind Generator
Tower Kit Tower Kit 47'
Trace SW 2512 Power Panel Trace SW 4024 Power Panel
1 Concorde PVX 12255 Battery 2 Concorde PVX 12255 Batteries
Battery / Inverter Cables Battery / Inverter Cables
Lightning Arrestors AC/DC Lightning Arrestors AC/DC
38" Auger Set 38" Auger Set
£ 6.800.000 + IVA EURO 3511,90 £ 13.537.000 + IVA EURO 6991,27
Price $ 4,264 plus shipping Price $ 7,199 plus shipping

1 KW System (Low to Moderate Wind)
Whisper H-80 Wind Generator Whisper H-175 Wind Generator
Trace SW4024 Power Panel Trace SW4024 Power Panel
2 Concorde PVX 12255 Batteries 4 Concorde PVX 12255 Batteries
Battery / Inverter Cables Battery / Inverter Cables
Lightning Arestors AC / DC Lighting Arestors AC / DC
48" Auger Set 48" Auger Set
£ 19.000.000 + IVA EURO 9812,68 £ 22.000.000 + IVA EURO 11362,05

TriMetric Meter EURO 268,24
Allows Battery Monitoring
Desulfator DS500 EURO 141,57
Keeps Batteries In Top Condition

Free Electricity .....

... from the wind! Have you ever wanted to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, not including connection fees? Now you can.

Today's technology has brought the cost of wind powered electricity to an affordable level where you can save money and help clean up the environment.

And for residents in many states, it gets even better. "Buy down programs" now offer discounts of up to 60% allowing your personal power station to pay for itself in less than three years!

The personal power station reduces your monthly electrical bill every day and includes a back up system to keep a portion of your house up and running when the power goes out.

How It Works .....

The system is designed to be simple. All you need is space for a tower and some wind. Your personal power station will do the rest.



What Is Included .....

  • 1000 or 3000 watt Whisper wind turbine
  • A 24-87 foot tower (site dependant, M.E.
  • Certified Wet Seals available)
  • Trace Sine wave utility tie inverter
  • Batteries for back up system
  • Utility switch box
  • Battery system box
  • Hardware and installation components
What You Can Expect To Save

This is the best part. Because of advanced manufacturing processes, the cost of wind generated electricity has decreased by over 70% in the last 10 years. Now it is affordable for virtually anyone to own a personal power station.

Calculations are based on a home using $100 per month of electricity at a cost of $.12 per kWh. Savings depend on average annual wind speed, tower height, electrical cost and average electrical bill.
Is A Personal Power Station Right For Me?

These systems are not for everyone. There are a few factors to consider prior to moving forward. These systems require a tower that can take up a considerable amount of area. If you can supply all the following criteria, a personal power station may be the answer for you. Some states require a licensed electrician to install the system.

  • I own my home
  • My property is at least 1/2 an acre.
  • My wind speed averages 8 mph or greater.
  • My home owners association or city / county code does not restrict towers
  • My utility allows "distributed" power systems (you will need to contact your State energy office for allowances).

5 Year Warranty

When purchasing a Wind Power Station, a five year extended warranty program is made available at an additional cost. If the wind turbine fails during the warranty period, this warranty will cover the repair / replacement of the defective parts. The warranty covers the turbine and tower only.