GPS 2000 Power Bank

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The box is equipped with high capacity wheels making it easy to move

Dimensions:  24.5 X 22 X 15D

The most advanced Turn-Key power system available! The GPS 2000 Power Bank provides 2000 watts continuous power and 70 amps of AC surge for even the largest house hold electrical appliances.

This system works great as a stand-alone power system allowing for multiple sources of recharging. Wind, Solar and AC or Generator inputs are provided for easy use. The high output charger (100 amps), will ensure rapid recovery for your battery bank from a generator or other AC source.

How Does It Work?

diagram20001x1.jpg (8094 bytes) Simple! The GPS 2000 was designed to store and deliver AC or DC power for virtually any electrical appliance. Batteries are a 12vdc energy storage bank allowing for AC power through an inverter or supplying DC power directly from the batteries. (up to 4.8kwh) The inverter will convert DC energy into AC energy. It will also charge the batteries when connected to a generator or other AC source.

This system is also SOLAR or WIND rechargable with a built in Solar regulator and Solar/Wind inputs. This means that even if you have no other source of AC, you can recharge the battery bank with Wind, Sun or Both. Use the GPS 2000 for Emergency Back-up Power, Camping, On the Job, At the Cabin or anywhere you need clean, efficient, quiet and renewable power.

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What's In The Box?

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The Heart Of The System

At the Heart of every GPS2000 is the Freedom 20 inverter/charger. This breakthrough in high performance DC to AC inverter/charger technology from Heart Interface, features the most advanced "hands off" performance available.

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Solar Controller

The Solar Boost controller is preinstalled in every GPS2000. The boost feature can provide up to 30% more energy from your solar panels. The digital display indicates battery voltage, current from solar panels as well as boosted current applied to the battery.

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User Interface

Easy to read multi-color LED indicators provide battery and charge state, AC input, and fault conditions. Adjustable controls for battery type, idle sensitivity and power sharing.






Sale Price

GPS2000 GPS2000 Power Bank: Includes 15 foot AC input cable for fast charging. (Batteries not included) 4873 4700
BP275UL Solar Panel: 12vdc, 75 watts peak power. Dimensions= 46.8"L x 20.87"W x 1.52"thickness. (For best results use 4 panels) 227 200
2 Panel Rack 2 Panel Rack: Free standing rack for 2 solar panels. 81 79
4 Panel Rack 4 Panel Rack: Free standing rack for 4 solar panels. 136 130
PV Cable Solar Input Cable: 50 foot pre-wired cable to link solar panels to the box. 237 220
AIR403 Wind Turbine Generator: 12vdc 400 watts. 46" blade diameter. 987 970
Wind Cable Wind Generator Input Cable: 50 foot pre-wired cable to link wind generator to the box. 245 240
Batteries* Exide, E3600, 220 amp/hour, set of 4 723 700

*Because of high shipping costs, batteries are not included. Complete instructions for installing batteries are included with the box. Exide E3600 batteries are recomended for indoor use and best results. This system uses 4 batteries and the average cost is  $77.00 each.

*The box comes with a Heart Inverter, however, you can have a Trace DR series Modified Sine Wave Inverter or Prosine Sine Wave Inverter installed.  Click here to go to I
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